Dick Higgins, Intermedia Chart, 1995

I am Ayshia, an Intermedia artist… but what exactly is Intermedia art?

To explain that, I’ll have to dive a little bit into art history because Intermedia art has had a bigger impact on the current society than is realised.

In short, Intermedia art was born from the Fluxus movement which started in the 1960’s. However, there is more to Intermedia art than Fluxus. Although, Fluxus, itself allowed the groundwork for Intermedia to exist.

An Intermedia artists is the artist who aims to get out of the barrier called ‘constant consistency’.

The Intermedia artist values experimentation and crossovers between mediums rather than one style. Any consistency within an Intermedia practice is that of never-ending experimentation. Their work may wildly vary but that is the Intermedia way.

An Intermedia artist focuses on ‘conceptual fusion’ and this merging can take any form be it literature, concepts, artistic styles but mostly new technologies. With the advent of Intermedia came the acceptance and exploration into the realm of net.art which is why, as an Intermedia artist, utilising the blockchain space as a place for experimentation and happenings is part of a never-ending search for growth and understanding of how new technologies can be used for art and expression.

Due to the experimental nature of Intermedia art, the world is witnessing a tech-art revolution. It was Fluxus artist, Dick Higgins in the 1970s that said future artists must incorporate computers into their practice. Higgins himself was using the computer in his art practice since the 1960s when people could never imagine the impact this new technology would eventually have on their world.

Even within the 21st century, Intermedia and Fluxus art are still largely misunderstood by the public and, even art institutions, in favour of what sells on the market. All artists have to make a living to survive but should it be at the expense and possible death of their explorative and experimental nature? Especially now, since the NFT space has opened up many possibilities. Will the NFT market place re-make and regurgitate the traditional art market space which has undervalued innovative art over aesthetics or trends?

Blockchain Poetry, Ayshia Taskin, 2021

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